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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this is mornings on two. >> we are live at the laugh yet bart station. health officials say riders may have been exposed to theses last week. coming up in a few minutes, what we know about the infected person who rode bart, and where else that person went. let's talk about your weather and traffic. i need to ask steve if you want everybody to wear shorts and sandals. >> later. later. chilly this morning. it's only february, for crying out loud. >> bring out the flip-flops, though,. >> i'll it will you. mid-, upper 7 0s, santa cruz, gillroy as well.
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up in tahoe, 56 degrees. in northern california, yes, near 90. for us, we have a few records possible today. oakland should be really close, 70 as well. livermore probably not. low 7 0s. mountainview 72. that will be close. san jose no, but still be mild, very warm for us. speaking of oakland, starting off in the 50s, ending up at 70 degrees at the airport, the record is 69. high pressure says not everything goes up in the pacific northwest. a lot of high clouds last few days. they'll thin out a little bit today. overall temperatures, 40s for many, but 50s for a few. these are slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. upper 40s, brentwood is in there. danville sleeping in. san area moan at 45, 44, 46, lafayette. a few high clouds. that will eat be it. low temps, warm in the south bay, parts of the peninsula as well. and temperatures way above average. they're going to continue this
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way for awhile. 70s for many today, including mid-70s. all right, sal. anything new on the traffic? 280 is wide open? is that what you told me. >> it was. people are getting on the road. you know how this norm goes. normally we start getting slowly as we approach the 7:00 hour a. little room, but not much. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. , for example,, we already have a crowd here that usually shows up when they turn the metering lights on at about 5:45 every morning. around there. sometimes a minute or two earlier. we've had collisions out there. let's go to san francisco, and northbound 101 looks good as you drive up to the 80 split. no problems with southbound 101. i've been looking at the accident board. we haven't seen a lot of slow traffic. i want to put the map up. we have a new crash reported, northbound 87 at kirtner avenue a. little slowdown developing here.
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northbound 87 right where i put that icon at kitner avenue. the rest of it system looks good. if you oar drivington peninsula down from san mateo, palo alto, 101, 280 doing very well. the time is 6:02. let's go back to the december >> bob: more information now about a man who was shot and killed by san jose police after he entered someone's home. now, officers were called to the house on shatterman street near west salma avenue before 5:00 yesterday evening. georgia mean de la vega is near the home with what the man's friends are now telling us about this shooting. georgia mean? >> reporter: pam, friends of the man who was shot say he often visited his daughter, who was around two or three years old, and lived with her mother in this neighborhood near south first street and alma. friends describe him as being polite and respectful. this started around five yesterday afternoon at a home in the 1300 block of shatterman street.
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police received a 911 call, saying a man who carried a knife entered a home that wasn't his. the caller also said the person needing help was locked inside an upstairs bedroom. officers arrived at the scene, and found the man outside the home armed with a knife. they say they ordered the man to drop his weapon. instead he charged at them. the officers opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. friends say officers should have handled the situation differently. >> you can't come pear a knife to a gun. you can not. you take him out at the legs, take him out from the waist down. you don't have to shoot -- you can't do that. >> you were trained to stop the threat. when the officers are threatened to with a weapon -- in this case, it was a knife -- they are trained to stop the threat. and that's what they did in this case. >> reporter: friends of the man who was shot say he was 25 years old and was on the football team at a local college. police are trying to piece this
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together, figure out what the man was doing at the house, why he had a weapon. the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. both have been with the department seven to eight years. >> this is the department's first officer-involved shooting of the year. back to you. >> all right. thank you, georgia mean. time now is 6:05. there's new information as well that the ant i don't care teenager accused of kidnapping and raping a pizza delivery woman may have a criminal past past. seventeen-year-old car indian miles, jr.,'s arraignment was postponed yesterday. officials confirm that miles was wearing the type of gps ankle monitor that's used for parolees, but they are not saying why he was wearing that. miles' facebook page makes reference to a promotion officer. prosecutors have decided to charge the teenager as an adult because of the serious nature of the crime, and they say the ankle monitor will be useful in the case, because it will pinpoint miles' whereabouts it day of the assault. time is now 6:05.
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police in the sacramento area, they're searching for a man they say killed his girlfriend weeks after he got out of prison under the controversial realign. program. accused of killing his girlfriend this past november. investigators say he's a gang member, and has a long criminal record. valdez was released from prison last august under the new california realign. program. >> again, another so-called nonviolent offend we are a violent criminal history being released to our neighborhoods under prison realign. and marketed to the public as a low-level offend >> terry: back in 1995, valdez pled guilty to two counts of manslaughter. and in 2009, he pled no contest to recklessly fleeing a police officer. here is his photo. if you have any information about valdez, call the elk grove police department. contra costa health officials have issued an alert after confirming the
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first case of these unless the county. they believe bart riders between lafayette and san francisco may have been exposed. ktvu fox two's tara moriarty joining us live. you have more details. and how are riders reacting to all this? >> reporter: one said this is the risk you take when you ride public transit. you never know. others are frustrated, they say, about people who choose not a not to get vaccinated. we know the infected person rode from the lafayette station to the montgomery street station in san francisco last wednesday, thursday, and friday. happened during both the morning and evening commutes, 6 to 8:00 a.m., and 7 to 9 p.m. health officials have revealed the unnamed person was a linked in employee who also ate at an e and o kitchen on sutter street wednesday night. about 115 to 130 per train car at the peak of the
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commute. >> you got to expect stuff like this all the time. you don't know what anybody -- you go to the doctor now, and they ask you, "have you been out of the country or been with somebody out of the country in the past 30 days for the eboli or measles or whatever." i don't know. it's getting to be a new thing nowadays. >> reporter: health officials say it is highly unlikely someone who's vaccinated would become a carrier of measles. they didn't say how the person was exposed, but we do know he or she is recovering at home. this is the first confirmed case of these unless contra costa county this year. live from lafayette, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> all right talk to you later. thank you. a public hearing in san brew know about a controversial plan for local schools, it's been postponed until next week, because too many people wanted to be at that hearing. parents and teachers packed the school board district office. the temperature inside was so warm, people were fanning themselves with their
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protest signs. they all wanted to know what the school district plans to do to close a $2 million deficit in the upcoming school year. >> . >> the district is having to live with it. really hag to size itself correctly, going forward into 2016. >> some of the parents, teachers fear schools are going to be closed. teachers will get bigger classes, and salaries will be cut for the staff and faculty. teachers say they haven't had a pay pay raise in nine years. the school board ended up canceling last night's meeting because so many people inside there made it unsafe. the rescheduled hearing is now set for next wednesday night at park side middle school, which by the way, has more space to handle the crowd. starting this morning, some bay area teenagers will turn off and turn in their cell phones, ipads, laptops for three days. starting at 8:00 a.m., students at the convent of the sacred heart school in san
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francisco will seal up their tech devices in envelopes at a big school assembly. officials there say it's a chance for students to understand how much their lives are built around and depend on technology, and how they should refocus on real life relationships. >> i was going to ask you about your daughter. our time is 6:10. president obama is coming back here to the bay area today. coming up at 6:30, his plans for his two-day trip as congress is debating his request for the power to use military force against isis. >> new details about the shooting of a television sports anchor in san diego. the dispute police say was behind the attack. . >> record highs possible today. they popped up in the sierra nevada in northern california. might be a hard turn today. best bets look to be san rafael, mountain view, and
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oak. more coming up.
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the russian president vladimir putin was involved in the talks, along with the ukraine indian
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president and the leaders of france and germany. if the cease fire holds, this would hold a ten-month conflict where more than 5,000 people have been killed, most of them civilians. same-sex cup unless al continuing to fight for marriage licenses. they are taking their cases back to the federal court today to get state to comply with the circuit court ruling. the four couples filed the initial suit to overturn al's ban on same-sex marriage. on monday the u.s. circuit court said it would let stand a federal judge's ruling declaring the ban unconstitutional. however, al's chief justice ordered the justices to overrule that and not allow the marriages to continue. police say a san diego man shot a tv sports anchor ten times in a dispute over painting the sports anchor's house. mike montana sure reasoneddered to police tuesday night. now, police say he fired several shots through the back window of kyle kraska's
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car tuesday afternoon outside kraska's house. kraska is still in the hospital recovering. his coworker says kraska hired montana to paint the outside of his house, but he didn't like the work. he paid him for what he had done, then took him off the job. montana has been charged now with attempted murder. it is being called an air bag for a bull let, and police officers in ferguson, missouri, are the first to try it out, this firstless lethal technology. the device is called the alternative. an officer attaches the device to a gun. a metal bowl captures the fired bullet and slows it down to 1/5th the speed. >> the news of this device comes as police all over the county are facing intense scrutiny and protests over the killings of unarmed suspects. >> this is something we just happen to run across. especially considering the out cry about saving
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lives. lives of people you oar trying to apprehend, this might be something worth looking into. >> some formers officers say they're not sure if the police can deploy the device fast enough in a life or death energy, and so far it hasn't been tested in real-life situations. some parents in pennsylvania really angry, very angry after students received an r-rated word search. yesterday an eighth grade student brought home the word search, saying it was passed out by his teacher. some of the words included in the puzzle: "bondage," "leather cups," and "erotic." based on the best-selling movie "5 shades of grey." one school board member said it was a mistake. the teacher did collect the puzzles back from the students once she realized the kind of words in that word search. one copy of it was taken by a student, who then
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posted it on social media. time is now 6:16. fans of the political thriller "house of cards" got a brief glance of the third season before the release. soccado based netflix accidentally posted the series online yesterday. the 3rd season is not due to premier until february 27th. netflix called it a technical glitch, and took the episodes down within a half hour. somebody got a peek. time now 6:17. we'll get a peek at your morning commute. how sit looking out there? . >> not too bad. we've had a little bit of slowing we've had a couple of problems the all in all, seems to be a decent day. very normal commute if you drive it every day, used to seeing it. this is a look tat the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up for a 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. if you're paying cash a littles will for fast track. for the most part it's around there. they had reported something at the toll plaza on the
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chp cad, but doesn't look like there's anything actually there. this is a look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. likewise for the dun barten bridge. there's a crash blocking the lane there, a little bit of a delay. the other freeways in the south bay off to a good start. it is 6:18. let's go to the weather, steve. >> i'm waiting for my computer to load. one of those days. >> it's the heat. >> this heat in july. >> february. >> records yesterday in tahoe. they had a bunch this month, not good. record highs. might be our day. south lake tahoe, 54 yesterday. . long beach yesterday was 87. s that a record high, camarillo
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83. long beach will be 90 degrees. los angeles will be 87. what about locally. san rafael will be close. these are the highs, 71. oakland 70. i went 70. livermore, i went 70s. if everything came together, they could maybe tie that. mountainview will be close, san jose will be not. suffice to say, we're flirting, flirting with those record highs. 52 starting downtown oakland, 64 noon, and 70, 70 beautiful degrees. plenty going on if you're out here in the pacific if you're over us and nothing is going on. up toward portland and seattle, it goes. very cold air moving into the northern plains. higher clouds won out. they're thinning out as high pressure builds in. higher elevations are warming up. lower elevations cold for some. santa row is a 41. 51sfo. yesterday we had a few 30s. today it's mid-40s. woodside, menlo park. bookends on 52.
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foster city at 47 degrees. statewide. 20s in the mountains. they rebound fast. really warm in northern california. almost 60 in l.a.. looking for a high of 87 degrees. if it's warm here, where is that cool air? right there, already beginning to make its plunge. 3 below in minneapolis, 1 business mark, 8 chicago; st. louis, 146789 this is gouge last into the weekend. then a series of systems coming out of the great lakes will produce more snow for many. great lakes to the northeast. for us, hazy, warm, a little bit of an off-shore push. a warmer thursday, probably into friday, saturday, as well. a dry pattern awhile. sinking air. that warm air aloft means mild conditions. there's a little out there. high clouds, hazy skies, chilly lose, but then mostly cloudy and warm. very warm toward the south bay and over towards santa cruz costline. 6 0s and 7 0s, 77 in santa cruz. gill roy 76. upper 6 0s, 7 0s across the
6:21 am
board. we'll take it into a warmer friday, saturday. probably peak out than. still mild to warm sunday, monday. everything will be in the east of us. brutally cold. >> the people of maine want your forecast. >> the people in chicago want it. people in new york want it. >> boston, too. they're keeping an eye on our weather. >> all right, steve. thank you. 6:21 is the time now. an attempt to ban a popular workout wear. why one thinks yoga pants should be illegal in public. coming up next, another sea lion. look at this one. found stranded in the bay. how drivers helped a park ranger rescue this sick animal. wrap
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shawan had been roommates with the deceased suspect, mark andrus. now, he said, quote, "he's supposed to be his friend. i didn't like him. the man doesn't look to me that he's decent. that's probably why he killed my son, because my son wanted to get away from him,"
6:25 am
end quote. prosecutors had questioned, but they did not file charges, released him, citing a lack of evidence. four days later, andrus died in the hospital of drug-related illness. shawan's father said he is seeking more information from the district attorney about why andrus was let go. cleanup efforts understood way in the oakland alameda estuary after a mysterious fuel spill. an oily sheen in the waters off coast guard island. by the mornings, it had spread among the estuary. it may be marine diesel fuel, but they don't know where it came from. samples have been sent to a lab, and investigators may know the source later today. now tuesday afternoon, about 84 gallons of oil leaked into the bay from the shell refinery in martinez. shell officials said the leak appeared to have been caused by a test on the crude oil line. employees put out absorbent
6:26 am
boom and skimmer boats to retain and recover the oil. officials say it appears to have had no impact on the shoreline, wildlife or the nearby martinez marina in marsh. a sea lion pup recovering after becoming stranded in san francisco bay. one of a record number of sea lions found off the california coast in recent weeks. the pup being treated at the marine mammal center. biologists have named him persevera for his perseverance. a park ranger found the malnourished and tired pup yesterday near fort tungsten, a half mile away from the ocean. the ranger came on parked cars, thought there was an accident. instead he found a pup. >> biteing the blankets, biteing the tote. didn't know what was going on. once he got settled in the tote, calmed down. a successful ride to the marina headlands >> biologists at the it marine center hope to get
6:27 am
persevera's weight back um. then they can release him. already this year, it has treated 100 sick california sea lions. being abandoned by their moms. time is 6:26. you already start the morning with us. you can also start the day with a dance party. . who needs coffee? this is a new trend in san francisco people say puts them in a better mood even before they head off to work. >> plus the stars are getting ready to show off golf skills. crews are getting the greens all ready for the at&t pebble beach that kicks off later today. some of the celebrities teeing off at this tournament. >> and the golden gate bridge, southbound 101. that looks pretty good heading south as you head to the toll plaza. more about other bay area bridges. >> well some day, we'll get some rain again.
6:28 am
it won't be today or this week. we have a lot of warm temps. so warm they'll be near record highs. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday.
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alex savage is out there on the golf course. couple in a couple minutes, alex will have more on the stars who can show off golf skills. pam cook would be there. >> yeah. good morning. it's beautiful out. there thank you for joining us, mornings on two. it is thursday, the 12th of february. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. want to check in with steve. what is it like down at
6:31 am
pebbles? down at pebble and caramel, don't listen. sit there, say, "it always rains during the at&t." no it doesn't. going to be 78 degrees. >> only rained during the at andt once or twice. >> no. i have stats on it. more dry than rain. by the way, if you are headed to monta ray, caramel, it will be a lovely day down there, temperatures upper 70s, maybe some records, possibility of records, even locally here. we had a lot of high clouds yesterday. only a few today. so the sunrise, while still nice, will not be as sharp as yesterday morning. lows are in the 0s. these are the -- these are the record highs. san rafael 71. my forecast is for 70. it will be close. oakland 70. that's the record. i think 2006, thinking. i have to go back and look. mountain view's record high is 73, san jose 78. mountainview, oakland, san rafael have the best bets to get record highs. mostly clear, cool morning,
6:32 am
maize say and warm. . high clouds lifting north, high pressure building. if you're far enough north you'll have a few clouds. far enough south, mild and warm. 40s and 50s already on the temps. there's a sign up for warmer air, which is 20 degrees warmer than gillroy. everything says warm temps, high pressure, and hazy skies. temperatures way above average. some will be in the mid-7 0s, upper 70s. farther south you go, you can find 80s. 90 degrees possible possible on long beach. wow. >> great, but not great. kind of like a double-edged sword. >> thank you. we only do what we can. mother nature is in charge. let's take a look at the commute now. i want to mention traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up all the way out to the mcarthur maze. nothing unusual, and traffic does look good once you make it past treasure island. decent drive into the city.
6:33 am
also looking at interstate 880 and 580. both those freeways are still looking good. starting to get more crowded on 580 on high headed west on the lake shore curve. nothing too bad. if driving on northbound 101 in san jose, it is slow 87 at kirtner. they're clearing an accidentful 85 and 280 getting into the west valley are still looking decent for your morning commute. still a decent commute. 6:33. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. san jose police shot and killed a man yesterday who was accused of going into someone's house, and the investigation of this, it's far from over. someone in the house on sherman street called 911 to report an intruder. ktvu fox reporter georgia mean de la vega live in san jose. friend of the suspect say police did not have to use deadly force. >> reporter: they are not happy about that, but police are saying they had to stop the threat.
6:34 am
people here in this neighborhood, they have questions. they want to know why a man came into this neighborhood and into a house armed with a knife. this is near downtown near south 1st and alma street. was this an attempted robbery? was this a domestic abuse incident? well, we've contacted police and are waiting for an update. what we do know is that around five yesterday afternoon, police received a 911 call from someone inside a home in the 1300 block of sherman street who told them a man carrying a knife had entered the home. the caller also said the person needing help was locked inside an upstairs bedroom. officers arrived at the scene, found a man outside the home armed with a knife. he charged at them. 2459's when the officers opened fire.
6:35 am
>> polite. never rude. he has a baby, between the age of two, three years old. i have come across a lot of people in my life, and that boy was just the most outmost respectful boy. >> reporter: friends of the man who was shot say he was 25 years old, and would come often to this neighborhood because his daughter lived there in a home with a mother, grandmother. his friends are questioning why police did not shoot him below the waist. a spokeswoman says officers are trained to stop a threat. police have collected evidence at the scene, have conducted interviews with witnesses. they're trying to figure out what this man was doing autothe house and why he had a weapon. the two officers involved in this shooting are both on administrative leave, and we are told by police that they both have been with the department about seven or eight years. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 6:35. a man accused of trying to run over a santa clara police officer in sunny vale has been arrested. san francisco general hospital
6:36 am
called sunnyvale police monday night after a man with a gunshot wound showed up there. he's been identified as 30-year- old danny rod rigo gar sayy. trying to run over an officer who was pursuing him monday night. that officer was not hurt, opened fire as rodrigo garcia drove away. a person of interest in last week's hit and run crash that killed a 14-year-old girl. they are searching for this man, 23-year-old alex alkasar they say owned the car that was involved in the crash with a garbage truck. police do not know if he was driving the car. police say alkasar's car crashed into the truck. the body of a 14-year-old girl was found next to the car. police say she died from injuries suffered in the crash. now, if you have any information about alex alkazar, please call milpdas police.
6:37 am
president obama expected to arrive in the bay area later today for a summit on cyber security tomorrow. his visit comes as the debate is growing over the u.s.'s role in the fight against isis. fox two reporter brian flores in our newsroom. you know more about the president's agenda. >> reporter: i do. good morning. certainly a lot on the president's agenda. he'll be here in the bay area to discuss ways to improve cyber security. recently you'll recall the incident where anthem, the nation's second largest health care shorer, was hacked. now, in d.c., congress is debating president obama's request. republicans think the president's request doesn't go far enough, while democrats, they're concerned it could lead to combat forces on the ground. the authorization sets a time frame of three years. but some on both sides of the aisle are questioning with what the resolution really
6:38 am
says. >> must know what enduring offensive combat operations means, and deliberately i think drafted to be ambiguous. >> it is not the authorization of another ground war, like afghanistan or iraq. >> the president's point is that he wants to dismantle and december industry isis. i haven't seen the string yet that will accomplish that. >> the war authorization would allow the use of u.s. troops in rescue operations and whatever the president deems deems necessary. air force one is scheduled to land at sfo this evening around 5:30. tomorrow morning's summit begins at 8:45 in the morning, includes some of the tech industry's biggest names from the private and public sector to improve cyber security. on friday night, the president plans to attend a fundraiser at a private home on san francisco's russian hill. tickets for that event range from 10 grand to
6:39 am
$32,000 each, by the way he'll spend a second night in the bay area before leaving just after ten saturday morning, heading to palm springs where he'll spend the weekend. no word if first lady michelle obama will join the president a. quick trip for the president in the bay area. going back to the president's action for a moment, it was 13 years ago, the last time a u.s. president made a request for military authorization, which started the war in iraq. but battling isis, very unique, as we've been reporting. expert say 20,000 people from 90 different countries have joined isis. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 6:39. today the pacific maritime association, they're shutting down operations at 29 we could ports, including the port of oakland. port operators say they'll reopen tomorrow, but then close down again on saturday, sunday, and monday. the operators say they're doing it to avoid paying higher wages on holidays and weeks. now, the longshoremen's union calls it a setback for workers who want to move that
6:40 am
cargo off the docks, and for the people who depend on the ports, including truck drivers who are stuck with empty shipping containers. contract talks between the terminal operators and the dock workers union, they're due to resume this afternoon. the clam bake is upon us. the pga tour making its annual stop. golf pros and celebrities will be teague it up at the pebble beach pro am. sal exsavage is there with more on the stars showing off their golf skills. look at alex. looking sharp. >> reporter: good morning to you. going to be a great day for golf. already beautiful out here. i'm kind of bummed i'm not doing play. no invitation this year, but i'm working on my putting here since we got out here early to pebble beach. at the monta ray peninsula course. hold on, hold on, hold on. it's. it's a rough course. there we go.
6:41 am
almost right, right in the hole. >> on the putting green, alex. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. i'm going to practice some more, guys. but, you know, we have -- the pros are out here today. not necessarily who a lot of the fans come to see a. lot of them come down here to see the celebrities. they want to come down the monta ray peninsula, do some star gazing. there will be big names. they will be teeing off just a few hours here as part of the at and t pebble beach pro am. let me show you the scene from yesterday. everything kicks off with the 3m celebrity challenge. familiar faces at pebble beach. bill murray, and clint eastwood, they fired away during this shoot-out. when it was all said and done, clint eastwood's team won this par 3 shoot-out, earned a hundred thousands dollars that will go to charity. the event yesterday the precursor to the big show later on today. it kicks off later today, the pebble beach pro am, goes throughout the weekend. we caught one clint eastwood yesterday. he told us he's excited to be
6:42 am
back here at pebble beach. >> i've been about staining from playing the last few years, because, you know, administrative duties, or actually a lack of play, lack of talent. any way, it's beautiful out here. going to be great. going to be a good tournament. >> reporter: and the pebble beach tournament is going to feature a whole host of actors, athletes, and musicians. that includes hue we louis, ray romana, andy gar sayy. they'll tee off in a little while. so will buster pose say, matt cane, also see former 49er alex smith who plays for the can arizona is city chiefs as we bring you back here to a live picture. i told you, pam, a gorgeous morning on the monta ray peninsula. we expect the celebrities will be out here son to work on their putting, something i probably need to do as well. and they're doing tee off about 8:00 this morning. >> it is -- >> reporter: going to be a lot of fun. i'm going keep practicing, you
6:43 am
guys >> go ahead, man. >> hoping they don't boot me off the course. >> it is gorgeous out there. >> make me proud, alex. >> reporter: come on. >> a lot of people would like to be where alex is now. let's see it. >> too much. >> reporter: i was close. a little too much mustard on it as i like to say. >> check back with you later on, alex. thank you. time is now 6:43. would you believe no one in california hit that $564 million powerball jackpot? coming up next, one person in the bay area is a million dollars richer.
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a self-pro claimed aughtiest shot and killed baracat's brother, his wife, his wife's sister tuesday night at their condominium. >> still in a state of shock, will never be able to make sense of this horrendous tragedy. we appreciate your concerns and the out pouring of love and support. >> the suspect, 46-year-old craig hicks, describes himself as a gun-toting atheist on social media. he went on to facebook to blame muslims and christians for societal problems. he faces three counts of first-
6:47 am
degree murder. so far investigators say the dispute was over a parking spot. now the bay area is holding several vigils tonight, including at san jose state and santa clara university. time is 6:46. lieutenant governor gavin newsom announced he's running for governor in 2018. sat down with the former san francisco mayor, and asked why he's starting his campaign so early. >> a long way away in terms of resource, in terms. >> reporter: fund raiseing? >> fund raising as well. let's be honest about it. super pacs opening every single day. we're also living in a world where there's pokes out there that we haven't even talked about, speculated that can write a check tomorrow, and self-finance. >> gavin newsome said he wants to focus on social mobility, education, as well as environmental issues. his possible competitors include the mayor of los angeles, facebook ceo cheryl
6:48 am
sanberg. we posted the entire interview with the governor at check it out. look current "top videos." . a story a lot of people will be talking about today a. montana state lawmakers lost his battle to ban yoga pants. his bill would have expanded the definition of indecent exposure to include any garment that gives the appearance of a person's private area singled out yoga pants as something he feels should be illegal in public. members of a legislative panel when the vote bill came up for a vote last night, and side tabled it without discussion. a person convicted of indecent exposure three times can actually be sentenced to life in jail. >> wow, that's fascinating. let's check out with tori campbell, see what's coming up on the next hour of "mornings on two." . >> coming up in our next hour, what looks like trash for some turns out to be treasure, cardboard. find out why the theft of this common item is
6:49 am
becoming a growing problem in california, especially as the economy gets stronger. >> and this looks like the ultimate engagement photo on a california beach. there's actually a full rainbow in the background, but there's a problem. why the photographer is asking the public for some help. those are some of the stories we're working on for the next hour of "mornings on two." back to you in the studio. >> thank you. time is 6:49. three lottery tickets sold in north carolina, puerto rico, texas, they won the $564 million powerball jackpot. it was the third biggest in powerball history. the jackpot now goes back to just $40 million for the next powerball drawing. that will be on saturday. in the bay area, there was one ticket that matched five numbers to win $1.4 million. it was sold at the pop top market and liquor in san lea in,dro. 6:49 is the time. let's check back in with sal
6:50 am
for a look at traffic. how is the commute? >> getting busier, pam and cave. take a look at the mac arthur maze, start there where 580 and 80 meet. traffic coming up around the curve. not as bad as yesterday, which is a good things. about a 9-minute drive between pleasant hill and the caldecot tunnel. if looking at san jose -- 85, 280 and 101 are a little slow. not that badiot. it is 6:50. let's the to steve in the weather center. >> looking at very warm temps. maybe record-setting. there's a pretty picture. turn around, look at the screen. a lot of more high clouds yesterday. south lake tahoe 54 yesterday, the record high. possibility of 4 more in a row as temperatures will be very warm in the mountains, warm here. long beach yesterday, 87, just to name a couple.
6:51 am
camarillo, 83. long watch looking for 89 degrees, los angeles 87 degrees, very warm. my forecast today is 70, oakland 70. back in 2006, oakland airport 69, by the way. livermor,, 74. mountainview 73. . upper 6 0s, low 7 0s today. for many, this is way above near records for -- there's plenty of cloud cover, extending all the way down. just not here , though. ridge of high pressure building in. there's warmer temperatures in the high elevations now. a little, just a little of an off-shore breeze for some. that's going to echo some very warm temps. 50s more others. about 1, 3 degrees. 43 windsor, kalastoga. petaluma and -- 42. cool for some statewide. it's going to be really warm southern california,
6:52 am
off-shore breezes, near 90 for some, 80s for many. then up in the sierra nevada, also another day of 0s. where is the cold air? you can see it. it's plunging in the great lakes, headed toward the northeast. going to dip well to the south. as long as that's there, like a big rock in a stream. everything is backed up. the active weatherer is going to be with more snow coming in this weekend for much of the northeast. except for higher clouds, hazy skies. we are stuck. that means temperatures are warm. so it will be a warmer thursday. friday, saturday look to be the warmest days. temperatures will be -- southern california, sierra nevada. hazy skies, chilly lows. they'll rebound fast. santa cruz down to monta ray, also santa clara valley. warm temps. south alito, rich monday, 7 0s or higher, 70 for livermore, oakland, walnut
6:53 am
creek. warmer here. santa cruz, 77 degrees. and 60, 70, san ma day owe, brew know in there. half-moon bay is 70 degrees. sunny and warmer into the weekend, guys. time is 6:52. police in ant i don't care, they're searching for a man caught on camera stealing from a wendy's restaurant. coming up in 20 minutes, you'll see what the video shows slowed him down during that fast-food restaurant robbery. >> and next stuck in a chimney. why a teenager was trying to get into his own house, and why firefighters had to rescue him. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru.
6:54 am
it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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welcome back to mornings on two. time is 6:55. a really sad story. long-time cbs correspondent bob simon is dead. police say bob simon was in the backseat of a car right there. it hit another car, stopped at a traffic light in new york city not far from his studios. the car simon was in then slammed into a metal median barrier. he was 73 years old. he died at a hospital. bob simon was a contributor to "60 minutes," a well known, respected overseas correspondent dating back to the 196 0s. you may recall he was captured by iraqi forces during the gulf war. he spent 40 days in an iraqi prison. donations are coming in for a snow ma county
6:57 am
paper delivery man who was attacked by two suspected vigilantes. the go fund me site has raised $3,000 for jimmy traconas. he delivers papers tuesday morning in his mini van when the men charged at him with pipes, causing him to crash. he was kicked and punched. the two men told police they had been watching the neighborhood for a van they suspected of recent thefts in the area, but police now say that may not have been a true motive. time 6:57 a. teenager in arizona rescued after getting stuck inside of a chimney while trying to get inside his house a. neighbor heard crying for help, and called tucson firefighters yesterday afternoon. this 16-year-old was stuck about 6 feet below the top of the chimney. firefighters lowered a rope down there to get him out. he was covered in soot, but otherwise, pam, he was not hurt. he told firefighters he and his younger brother were locked out of the house. he was just trying to find a way in. if you're looking for a
6:58 am
better way to start your day than the alarm clock and some coffee. . >> dance session has migrated, 7:00 a.m. wednesday mornings a. variety of companies have been holding the two-hour parties that include djs, decorations, and some coffee. . people who attend say the parties make them happy, and give them more energy for the rest of their day. >> that's an idea >> like it. time is 6:58. still ahead, a man with a knife shot and killed by police in san jose. up next, we'll get a live report on exactly what we found out that led up to that deadly confrontation, and also what some of the neighbors out there are saying about the man who was killed. . >> and president obama headed for the bay area today. the focus of his visit and the important international issue the president asked congress to start working on while he's gone.
6:59 am
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>> reporter: we're live in san jose where a man is dead after police opened fire. we just spoke with his loved ones. thousands of bay area commuters potentially


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